Sunday, March 15, 2009

Political Graphics and the role of Designer in politics

In response to the question proposed,what role or social responsibilities do designers have?
I feel that as designers we have a direct role in the support of political parties or agendas. We all have are own personal beliefs of what a perfect world should be or a livable world should be...and if you don't you should have one. When it comes to heavier global issues,we should choose wisely in what direction we plan to implement our design in. We should not remain impartial or unbiased, because whether you like it or not you're helping to lend a hand in supporting one side or the other.You might as well pick one side and show your support. When it comes to important issues,such as the selection of the next president, I feel as designers we should really not hold back and be unbiased.Ultimately a decision will be made and well you may not choose the winner you helped play a role in swaying or showing support  for one side. The selection of a president not only effects you but everyone on a global scale.

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